two beer docs for all you craft-brew lovers

If you’re into brewing or drinking good beer — one of the thousands of craft-brewed beers now available in this great county of ours — than these two short films are for you.

In the first, “The Art and Science of Beer,” from The University of California, Charlie “The Pope of Foam” Bamforth, the head of Malting and Brewing Science at UC Davis, explaining beer-making. In the second, “Craft Beer – a Hopumentary,” from filmmaker Jeremy WIlliams, craft-brewers and home-brewers explain how they came to find the joy making great beer.

Crack a cold one and enjoy…

(Photo by Flickr user TheDigitel Beaufort, used under a Creative Commons License)

Jose Villareal is the real deal

LA Galaxy and US Under 20 forward Jose Villareal has been making some noise this year (and at the end of last), with this scissor kick at the death against Toronto serving as the latest sign this talented striker is nearing prime time.

With the senior Men’s National Team looking for scoring power in the Hexagonal, and beyond, the left-footed Villareal could become an attractive option for Jurgen Klinsmann. Villareal could sit in a slot behind Jose Altidore, running off target forward for scoring opportunities. A clear talent, Villareal should at the very least get a look in this summer’s Gold Cup.

Best news of all: Villareal is a Homegrown signing for the Galaxy who rose quickly through the club’s youth system. Although still in its infancy, VIllareal, along with the likes of DC United goalkeeper Bill Hamid, demonstrate the talent MLS youth systems will hopefully be producing in the coming years.

Facebook Turns Off Website Internally To Force Mobile Development via Fast Company

Facebook Turns Off Website Internally To Force Mobile Development via Fast Company.

This is a great way to force folks to think of mobile and understand why it’s important to site development. We till spend 90 percent of our workday in front of laptops and desktops — often connected to large and beautiful monitors. While this is great for productivity, I’m afraid it causes a bit of mobile blindness.

tim meko: the making of a conclave

I’ve had the pleasure of working with some really talented people throughout my career — including now that I’m at the Urban Institute. My colleague Tim Meko, our infographics specialist, put together the graphic below for the Catholic News Service to explain the Papal Conclave. Even better, he put together this “making of” time-lapse video by taking a screen capture every two seconds while working on the project.

What you’re looking at here is 22.5 hours of work, spread over nearly two weeks. Watch it and see if we can get Tim over 1,000 views.

Tim Meko’s conclave infographic for the Catholic News Service.

how does a six-minute video on wealth inequality go viral?

How did a six-plus minute video on wealth inequality get to be a viral hit with over 4 million views? Marketplace’s Krissy Clark does the leg work to figure it out. Basically, a “red state designer” creates the video on his own time based on a study from some Duke marketing professors and George Takei of Star Trek fame, publishes it to his massively huge Facebook account (3.6 million likes).

After that, the video was picked up by Upworthy and Mashable and a wonky viral hit is born.

Dispatch: Discuss and organize your work with your team.

Better than email. Better than meetings.

Dispatch helps teams discuss and organize their work, including the things they have in Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, and Box.

via Dispatch: Discuss and organize your work with your team..