tim meko: the making of a conclave

I’ve had the pleasure of working with some really talented people throughout my career — including now that I’m at the Urban Institute. My colleague Tim Meko, our infographics specialist, put together the graphic below for the Catholic News Service to explain the Papal Conclave. Even better, he put together this “making of” time-lapse video by taking a screen capture every two seconds while working on the project.

What you’re looking at here is 22.5 hours of work, spread over nearly two weeks. Watch it and see if we can get Tim over 1,000 views.

Tim Meko’s conclave infographic for the Catholic News Service.

how does a six-minute video on wealth inequality go viral?

How did a six-plus minute video on wealth inequality get to be a viral hit with over 4 million views? Marketplace’s Krissy Clark does the leg work to figure it out. Basically, a “red state designer” creates the video on his own time based on a study from some Duke marketing professors and George Takei of Star Trek fame, publishes it to his massively huge Facebook account (3.6 million likes).

After that, the video was picked up by Upworthy and Mashable and a wonky viral hit is born.

Dispatch: Discuss and organize your work with your team.

Better than email. Better than meetings.

Dispatch helps teams discuss and organize their work, including the things they have in Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, and Box.

via Dispatch: Discuss and organize your work with your team..

evernote for business

Evernote has a new business tool that allows users to keep personal and professional, shareable and searchable notebooks for all business needs, ranging from HR Documents to project planning. It’s Evernote’s take on Sharepoint or Box.

Evernote Business | Evernote.

front-end engineer on building the obama campaign fundraising machine

Meet the Obama campaign’s $250 million fundraising platform.

Kyle Bush discusses building the Obama campaign’s online fundraising platform on top of Blue State Digital’s existing platform. After the building the platform the Obama team performed 240 a/b tests to perfect it. The difference between the original form (which is pretty standard industry fare) and the optimized form is above. And the difference is striking.

Also, if someone in your organization asks, “Why can’t we do that?” Pat of the answer is that the Obama Campaign employed 14 front-end engineers, with six dedicated to online fundraising.


What CEOs Need to Know About Pinterest

What do CEOs need to know about Pinterest? The answer is, “nothing, really.” But this is a nice cheat sheet for anyone starting up a Pinterest account for their brand.

What CEOs Need to Know About Pinterest [Infographic] – SocialTimes.

behind the scenes photos of mad man

James Minchin’s behind-the-scenes photos of Mad Men | The Fox Is Black.

These photos, have been circulating on the internet for awhile, they were originally shot for Rolling Stone. But I stumbled across them again through the really excellent The Fox is Black. They do a wonderful job  demonstrating how the modern world and precise curation of the past interact on the set. Be sure to hit photographer James Minchin’s site to get the full collection.

Design Jumps the Shark: Apple Opts Out of Green Standards

Apple asks to be removed from EPEAT green computer listings, because they don’t conform with their design direction. This is design thinking run amok. Apple should be designing the best all around products and environmental sustainability should be a key part of their thinking, not an after thought that doesn’t “fit into their design direction.” Apple and Jonathan Ive are better than this — much better.

“They said their design direction was no longer consistent with the EPEAT requirements,” Frisbee said. The company did not elaborate, Frisbee said. “They were important supporters and we are disappointed that they don’t want their products measured by this standard anymore.” …

An Apple spokeswoman declined to comment, but referred to Apple’s website which contains reports on the environmental impact of its products. Apple offers several recycling programs through its stores and website.

One of Apple’s newest products, the MacBook Pro with a high-resolution “Retina” display, was nearly impossible to fully disassemble, said Kyle Wiens, co-founder of iFixit.com, a website that provides directions for users to repair their own machines. The battery was glued to the case, and the glass display was glued to its back. The product, released just a month ago, had not been submitted for EPEAT certification, according to the organization.

Frisbee said that the structure of that laptop would have made it ineligible for certification. “If the battery is glued to the case it means you can’t recycle the case and you can’t recycle the battery,” Frisbee said.

Apple was putting design first in an effort to make products smaller and have batteries last longer, said Shaw Wu an analyst at Sterne Agee. “They are not trying to purposely make it hard to open, they are just trying to pack as much as they can into a small space–it’s a design decision,” Wu said.

via Apple Removes Green EPEAT Electronics Certification From Products – The CIO Report – WSJ.