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Salmon Felix on the over-designed beautiful news page

Today, when you read a story at the New Republic, or Medium, or any of a thousand other sites, it looks great; every story looks great. Even something as simple as a competition announcement comes with a full-page header and whiz-bang scrollkit graphics. The result is a cognitive disconnect: why is the website design telling […]

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Top podcasts of the year, interview format


In no particular order… By the Way, in Conversation with Jeff Garlin: Matt Weiner (Really any of Jeff Garlin’s interviews could be at the top of this list, but the Weiner interview was his best. See also, Sarah Silverman, Bob Odenkirk, Amy Poehler, Aziz Ansari, Zach Galifianakis.) WTF with Marc Marron: Jim Breuer ( see […]

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Facebook Turns Off Website Internally To Force Mobile Development via Fast Company

Facebook Turns Off Website Internally To Force Mobile Development via Fast Company. This is a great way to force folks to think of mobile and understand why it’s important to site development. We till spend 90 percent of our workday in front of laptops and desktops — often connected to large and beautiful monitors. While […]

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america’s athletic genius cluster

Interesting read by WaPo’s Sally Jenkins (who I normally don’t love) on the “genius cluster” around athletics and what it can teach us about developing these clusters in other areas: Great athletes know something critical the rest of us don’t: how to acquire genius through work. “If you look very carefully at those who end […]

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don’t go half-way

via The Seductive Danger Of Half Measures, by Aaron Harris on TechCrunch: Keeping a conscious eye on what the point of a test or iteration is, not just to itself, but to your overall plan and mission how building a certain number of tutors in a given area influences student activity and community creation, in […]

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old-timey infographics from the london underground

The London Transport Museum has put up a collection of 7,000 posters dating back to the 1930′s for users to browse, allowing them to search by artist, theme, date and color (or colour, as the case may be). The collection includes a fair share of inforgraphics from the 1920s and beyond demonstrating the advantages and […]

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charles bukowski on the literary hustle

Via this isn’t happiness: Charles Bukowski outlines his modest terms for a poetry reading. If you hire Bukowski, I’d imagine you wouldn’t know what to expect. However, as he notes, “Auden gets 2,000 a reading, Ginsberg 1,000, so you see I’m cheap. A real whore.”

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total world destructive power

Flickr user Chris Spurgeon has some great pre-lunar presentation slides from NASA, including this chart on the destructive power of weapons through time. His collection also includes several artist renditions of various stages of a mission to the moon — from lift off, to landing, to return — including this stunner of the Apollo booster […]

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death cab for cuite, the new year

So this is the new year And I have no resolutions For self assigned penance For problems with easy solutions…

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lego year in review via the guardian

Occupy Wall Street from the 2011 in Lego: the year’s news – in pictures via Other moments The Guardian memorialized in Legos for their year-end review include the royal wedding, Obama et al. watching the Bin Laden takedown, and the London riots. See even more in the newspaper’s News in Lego Flickr pool. (Hat […]

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