“dirty levi’s and the land of old myths”

“There are two Americas. There’s the America of dirty Levi’s, the land of old myths. And then there is the land that the immigrants see: Apple, Pixar, Times Square–a country of creativity, a place where anything is possible so long as you can dream it.”
— Veda Partalo, planning director for Fallon ad agency

via Fast Company Cadillac Turns To A 28-Year-Old To Reinvent The “Standard Of The World

This is an interesting take on American marketing seen through American values. from one of the advertising world’s rising stars. The article is worth a read to see how Partalo and Fallon are subtly changing the image of Cadillac, which has been on an upward trajectory for years now. They’ve ditched sex appeal and suggestion in favor of tapping into more complex emotions and desires of car buyers — almost exclusively male car buyers, it seems.

As a side note, check out the comments in the article itself. There’s a lot of discussion on whether the author spent too much time on Veda’s age and looks. I’m leaning toward “yes.” As with a lot of Fast Company pieces, there’s a lot of fawning over looks, image and the product itself — Slater practically makes love to the Cadillac he’s driving.

It’s funny, Fast Company is basically an amalgam of Forbes and Esquire. It’s a formula that I find simultaneously repugnant and incredibly alluring, which is why I’ve been a subscriber for several years.

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