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This is where I have to give a big shout out to Feedly, my RSS reader of choice, that every morning feeds me a fresh page of content based on my Google Reader subscriptions. Feedly presents the best content from those subscriptions in a beautiful magazine-style page that is a pleasure to read. This is not a paid advertisement, I just love Feedly that much.

So here are some things Feedly helped me find this morning:

Victory Journal, “the new refuge for true sportsmen,” found via iainclaridge.net, which posted the above cover from said journal.

MG Siegler, Marco Arment and Brent Simmons hate on Business Insider for the truly annoying and despicable habit of splitting articles into multi-page slideshows.

Roger Black begins to look at advertising in web content and how publishers could make money without compromising readability.

Michael Stipe and Mike Mills talk to The Daily Beast about the R.E.M. breakup and insist there was no drama.

Famous people, many of whom you’ve never heard of discuss their top 10 films from the Criterion Collection. Here’s my top 1.

Jason Fried of 37signals writes on product development and the tension between the obvious, the easy and the possible.

Image: Victory Journal, via iainclaridge.net

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