friday lost and found: out of time edition

Those of you who read the blog regularly, or know me in real life (and yes, there’s some extreme overlap there) know that I have a bit thing about time — how there’s not enough of it, how to maximize it and how to get up at ungodly hours to bleed it try. Now, there’s a movie for me. It’s called “In Time” and Stars Justin Timberlake and Vincent Kartheiser, the guy who play Pete Campbell in Mad Men. The premise — we all only have 25 years to live, unless you earn more time, or steal it apparently. Time, in essence, it the world currency. (Via Kottke)

Speaking of movies, it turns onto that Friday the 13th actually had a pretty cool opening when it was released in 1980. How do I know? Why, the Movie Title Stills Collection, of course! The site presents a collection of the opening title and closing titles of famous (and less famous) films from 1900 to 2010. For Friday the 13th, hit this link and scroll down. (But don’t miss Airplane!) (Via @jasonfried)

On the music front, the 25th anniversary issue of R.E.M.’s Life’s Rich Pageant is out o reissue. The album includes the digitally remastered original LP, and 19 unreleased demo recordings from the time period. If you buy the physical album, you;ll also get new liner notes, a poster and four postcards. There’s a vinyl reissue as well if you’re into the whole analog thing. Aquarium Drunkard has a nice review, noting its place in the canon:

“Pageant has always sounded like the first hint of R.E.M. really trying to make a go of it on a more, if not mainstream, less subversive level. But as always there was the push and pull, the yin and yang of R.E.M.—a ‘college rock’ band with global aspirations.” (Via Aquarium Drunkard)

Finally, a practical use for QR codes! Tesco grocery has begun testing a system in South Korea that prints photos of grocery store shelves on subway walls. Users can scan the QR codes of items on the photos and have them delivered to their house later that day. It’s kind of genius actually. (Via DesignMilk)

Finally today, Best 404 Page EVER. (via Hacker News)

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