Final Notes on South by Southwest

The following represents the best of my notes on the final two days (or so) of South by Sothwest Interactive. As I go through my notebook, I’m sure I’ll be adding more:

Quote: “Consistency is the last refuge of the umimaginative.”
— Oscar Wilde, quoted during Brand Consistency is Killing Advertising.

Qoute: “260 emails to a Senator is a joke. 260 emails to a mayor generates a personal phone call.” CEO Benn Rattray

Debate: Facebook Causes is good because it gives non-profits the opportunity to meet donors where they are. Facebook causes is bad because it eliminates the direct relationship between the donor and the non-profit” You join Facebook Causes, not the non-profit.

Resource: HelpAttack!: Turning your online life into a donation to a non profit.

Quote: “When you give $1 to a charity, you feel good. When you give $10, you feel better. But not ten times better.”
–Ehren Foss, CTO of HelpAttack!

Resource: minidonations: Rounding up credit card purchases for social giving.

Stat: Only 10 percent of giving is done online and just a fraction of that is through social giving.

Stat: Over 80 percent of giving is done by individuals. What makes people give — relationships and immediacy — doesn’t change. What changes is how friends communicate.

Tactic: NWF created a blogging forum where high-profile environment bloggers could write alongside smaller bloggers who were not very well-known. THis provided an opportunity for all parties to share ideas and information and promote NWF’s work.

Quote: “If you wrk on the web, you work in publishing.”
Jeffrey Zeldman

Quote: “If you offer exclusive, great stuff and make it easy to get, people will pay for it. There’s a reason iTunes is more popular then BitTorrent.”
–Roger Black, during Jeffrey Zeldman’s Awesome Internet Design Panel

Quote: “You don’t control design on the web. The user has the final say.”
–Jeffrey Zeldman,  during Jeffrey Zeldman’s Awesome Internet Design Panel

Quote: “I’v been working all day checking my email at my computer. Now I am going go home, sit back and casually read my email.”
–Jeffrey Zeldman on the iPad.

Quote: “The HuffingtonPost is like a professor that slips on a banana peel.”
— The ever quotable Jeffrey Zeldman on the HuffingtonPost’s schizophrenic editorial.

Trend: Non-profits and companies need to create shared value. Corporations need to align company needs with community needs. It can’t be just cleaning up your messes anymore.

Trend: There’sa desire to make investments (note word choice) in small/niche non-profits who cam maximize those investments efficiently. There is a view that small/niche non-profits have more inspiring creation stories, are better connected to their community and cause, are better at expressing appreciation and are more efficient.

Quote: “Mainstream is nothing anymore. Mainstream is anything you’re interested in.”
Felicia Day

Quote: “Are you going to spend millions on an advertising campaign so someone can fast-forward through your content using TiVo, or are you going to spend a fraction of that to create 12 weeks of sponsored content that has your brand at the top and big distribution to your target audience?”|
Felicia Day

Resource: ODesk: virtual hiring for research, writing, programming, etc.

Resource: Monday Note: Big thinking and long pieces on tech trends.

Insight: The Brag Badge: People like to do good (ie. donate to charity). But what they really like is to tell everybody just how much good they’re doing. Examples:

  • Special crops on FarmVille for donations to Haiti. (Wouldn’t have worked as well if you just got more corn.)
  • Providing badges for giving.
  • Twitter hashtags that tell people you donated — #sxsw4japan
  • Tom’s Shoes. (Would they have been so successful if you didn’t immediately look at people’s feet and say, those are Tom’s shoes, that person donated to charity?)
  • RED campaign (See above.)
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